P.R.I.D.E. Consulting

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Goal-Oriented Leadership Coaching

Gain Personal Responsibility in Developing Excellence (P.R.I.D.E.)

Turn to P.R.I.D.E Consulting in Farmington Hills, Michigan when you want to achieve success through effective leadership. Individuals, organizations, and event planners are all welcome to schedule a consultation or book our services. Call us today for more details.

When to Get Dr. Douse on Your Calendar

  • If you’re a meeting planner looking for a coach that attendees will talk about for months
  • If your audience can take ownership of their ability to create, choose, and attract but requires further polishing and training
  • If your group can get serious about their success but requires guidance
  • If you want someone at your next event who can rock the house with a motivational message that will leave the attendees cheering

Providing the Inspiration You Need

You’ll be amazed at how Dr. Douse commands a room. His personal stories of motivation, inspiration, and humor have created raving fans across college campuses and corporate meeting rooms alike.

Leaders will likewise be inspired and fascinated by Dr. Douse’s stories and experiences, as they start to realize their careers are truly what they make of it. Corporate meetings have become memorable happenings when he takes the stage.

In particular, new leaders who have not yet proven their own leadership skills will be floored by the frank nature of these discussions. His events consist of 90 minutes of pure adrenalin-filled dialogues. 

Additionally, if you have a specific topic you wish to have discussed, such as communication, morale building, or teamwork, to name a few, know that we are very open to the idea of custom fitting a program for you.

Dr. Douse’s calendar is filling up fast so make sure to reserve a slot now!

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