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Leadership Coaching Geared Towards Success

P.R.I.D.E. Consulting in Farmington Hills, Michigan offers a proactive approach to personal empowerment and leadership coaching. What makes us better than the rest is our vast expertise combined with the innovative models that we teach. 

Every person, team and organization goes through various transitions. With that in mind, we have developed a coaching model called Transition Triangle to help every individual breeze through it.

The Transition Triangle

If your goal is to become a better leader through personal development, yield results, or achieve the things that you want in life, then our Leadership Coaching for Success process will prove very advantageous to you.

Our founder, Dr. Dayan M. Douse, has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations to introduce a proven-effective method for transition and empowerment. This method is aimed at ensuring your bottom-line success and helping you attain your sets goal every single time!

The same cutting-edge process is tailored to help you achieve cumulative gains and build more wins. We‘re proud to say that it has worked for countless clients that we’re absolutely confident that it’ll do the same for you! 

Dr. Douse can earnestly vouch for the success rate of this method as he himself employed the same life methods to finish his PhD, start a small business (while working full time as a married man with two children) and gain a promotion. This method is aimed at ensuring your bottom-line success and helping attain your goals every time!

When Is Leadership Coaching a Bad Idea

  • The leader is not self-aware
  • Coaching is the last step in performance improvement plan
  • The corporate sponsor lacks commitment
  • The corporate culture views coaching negatively
  • The corporate sponsor is looking for a quick fix

Client Testimonials

Natosha Tolbert, DTE Energy

“Dayan is an effective leader in assisting other leaders with solving complex personal and professional problems. I have used his consulting work with building responsibility within my team and he helped move dysfunctional issues out of my team. I have recommended his services to many of my colleagues, for mentoring and coaching. I have also recommended him to other companies, family, and friends. His Responsibility Model and his continued coaching have developed my own leadership skills.”

Kristy Cross, Former Lieutenant at City of Detroit

“I have taken the Responsibility Process training twice with Dr. Douse. I have found the training relative to interpersonal skills needed to communicate not only with my subordinates, but also my peers and fellow colleagues. I even used his methods in my personal life when dealing with my three grown daughters and 10-year old son. Very effective!!!”

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